Thoughts on better preparation

Sometimes I focus so hard on one thing that I lose track of everything else. This has happened this week. I have been so focused on the number of steps I’m doing to the point I comfortably exceed my daily goal by the time I get home so I’ve ended up eating tea then crashing on the sofa.

The downside

Whilst I am really pleased how well I have done on the exercise, I have been ignoring all my little daily routines which help to keep me on track. These include:

  • Preparing clothes the night before
  • Preparing food the night before
  • Sorting bags each evening
  • Checking emails, post etc
  • Keeping on top of laundry
  • Keeping kitchen clear
  • Knowing what’s for tea
  • Eating more slow cooked meals to free up time

The downside to ignoring my routines is the last couple of mornings not only have I struggled to get up, I have had to sort out my bags, food and clothes which combined has probably delayed me leaving the house. The knock-on effect is that it takes longer to get to work because the traffic is busier and I have to stay later at work to make the time up.

How do I stay on track?

There is no magic answer to this. I have one or two ideas to try.

  • Do things as soon as I get home
  • Review my to do list more frequently throughout the day so it is in the forefront of my mind what I need to do
  • Not allow myself to sit down on the sofa until tasks are finished
  • Eat my food at the dining table rather than the sofa so I get up again afterwards
  • Trying to stay positive and motivated
  • Resetting myself every day

Fingers crossed I will get back on track soon.

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