Frugal breakfasts from random baking lingredients.

My food cupboard seems to be largely full of ingredients normally associated with baking e.g. flour, sugar, flavourings, syrups, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Often these were purchased for a specific recipe and have sat in the cupboard ever since (sometimes years).

I have been slowly using up some of these items in my breakfast oats which I either have as porridge or overnight oats. Both of these dishes are very frugal and are often associated with healthy eating. I make porridge with water but if I have yogurt or non dairy milk available then I make overnight oats which is even quicker than porridge and can be eaten on the go.

I don’t find my porridge lasts me all morning unless I add some protein in the form or nuts or seeds and some fruit whuch helps flavour it. I usually soak, dried fruit, nuts and seeds especially the smaller hard seeds like linseed or chia which can pass through the system undigested unless the hard shell is softened or ground. Soaking also seems to enhance flavour.

Some of the ingredients I have used in my porridge so far this year include:

  • Various dried fruits
  • Various seeds e.g. linseed, chia, nettle, watermelon
  • Mincemeat, jam, jelly, marmalade
  • Sugar, maple syrup, golden syrup
  • Frozen fruits
  • Fresh fruits including apples, Rhubarb, banana, oranges, lemons
  • Other breakfast flakes e.g. millet, muesli, barley
  • Cake flavourings like vanilla or almond essence
  • Nesquik powder and cordial (in very small quantities only as they incredibly sweet)

This is slowly helping me declutter my cupboard and provide a varied breakfast each day.

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