Just Survive January

Winter blues

I always find it a real struggle to keep going in January. I am permanently tired and when the alarm goes off I just keep snoozing it. I’ve also been hit by one of those annoying viruses where you aren’t ill enough to be off sick, but it wipes you out. This particular one has affected my hearing.

Having said that I am proud that I have almost made it to the end of the month without slipping into any of my bad spending habits. I am still well within the budgets and have achieved a surprising amount of things.

What I am pleased with

  • Digging part of the allotment
  • Using the dehydrator to make powders and actually using them in foods
  • Entertaining friends using what was in the house and less than £10 on mixers and snacks
  • Creating some nice soups and slow-cooker meals
  • Sticking to the food I’ve taken to work and not purchasing snacks
  • Being a bit more sociable
  • Getting a couple of minor home repairs done
  • Giving away a couple of small items
  • Going for lots of lunchtime walks
  • Just surviving without going off sick or breaking my resolutions

I’ve decided that February is going to be find it and file it February. This means that I am going to try and get on top of my paper work, my planned projects and find some motivation and energy.

My one major project that I want completed by the end of February is that the paper clutter is no more. The boxes in my bedroom currently full of crap will be empty and moved so that I can try and keep on top of things for the rest of the year.

Other plans for the month are to

  • Dig over the rest of the allotment
  • Make up some herbal teas for work
  • Harvest some “weeds”
  • Create a list of cards and presents I will need to send this year and work out what can be hand made
  • Blog more
  • Replace a zip in a dress that has needed doing
  • Spend less time on Facebook and Pinterest
  • Start on one present or card

It will just start with picking up one piece of paper and dealing with it.

2 responses to “Just Survive January

  1. I like your photo of the berries, and, yes, doing these jobs and making plans is so good!

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